Graduation has evolved

about_picMarchingOrder began in 2003 as the successful execution of a senior project at the University of Pennsylvania for now MarchingOrder’s President, Tyler Mullins. Tyler and his senior project partner, David Badler, were handed a unique challenge from the Dean of the Engineering School: how can we make graduations more innovative and exciting?

The basic idea unfolded soon after: Add a personal touch for each graduate as they cross the stage by putting his/her name, degree, hometown and a personal message on the big screen.

During the midst of designing a method to collect personal messages, it became clear that gathering information for all aspects of graduation was a disparate process – one that could be greatly improved with an online system that brought it all to one place.

After much hard work and many sleepless nights, MarchingOrder debuted at Tyler’s own graduation flawlessly. During informal interviews with the graduation administrators of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton MBA Program, the Engineering School, and the College of Arts and Sciences, the three most highly praised features of the MarchingOrder system were its efficiency, convenience, and visual “wow factor”.

Today, MarchingOrder is a team of professionals with backgrounds ranging from software development and management consulting to ceremony planning and on-site execution. The result is an unmatched knowledge base and skill-set, dedicated to enhancing on-campus ceremonies and events.

After thousands of ceremonies and valued feedback from our loyal customers, our software changed as well. We learned that every event is different and there is no one-size-fits-all graduation ceremony tool, so we designed our software to be flexible yet robust, and capable of being customized to suit the needs of any ceremony.

The chief constant in our collective intentions is to provide quality, around-the-clock service, bringing innovation and expertise to those looking to make their ceremonies the best they can be.