Create Meaningful, Interactive Virtual Ceremonies

When graduates and families cannot gather in person, virtual ceremonies provide a safe and accessible way to celebrate this important milestone. MarchingOrder virtual ceremonies allow families and graduates to share the commencement experience with:

  • Live or pre-recorded speeches
  • Graduates highlighted on personalized, university-branded slides
    • Include photos, messages, honors and more (opt)
  • Graduate names announced by professional readers and pronounced perfectly
  • Embedded social media feeds and other engaging live elements

Experience MarchingOrder Virtual Ceremonies


We’ve Got You Covered!

MarchingOrder Software

provides personalized recognition for graduates at ceremonies around the world.

Customized Data Collection Sites

to collect & verify graduate information, and to organize your virtual & in-person events.


allows graduates to pre-record their names so our readers pronounce them perfectly.

Touchless Solutions

GradPass in lieu of traditional reader cards and E-Tickets for guests, which also allows for collecting contact tracing information.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

I just wanted to personally thank you for all of your help during our commencement.  I’ve heard from so many other schools how wonderful MarchingOrder is to work with, as well as having the chance to meet some of your great staff at NAACO conferences.  I see now that every word I’ve heard is true.  The speed and availability you were able to help us and still provide a quality product is unmatched.
Lindsey Copus 
Office of Special Events | Assistant Director  University of Georgia
Everything went well! Our slideshow of scholarship recipients went smoothly and the link to the virtual event worked as well.  I am so glad we went with your product it was super easy to navigate and the students had an easy time following directions.
Erica Wright
Development Officer | Illinois Central College Educational Foundation
You all have been so incredible to work through. Everyone was like whoever created this is a pure genius! I agree! The experience was amazing and so well received and incredibly easy to use. Thank you and I hope we will be able to use this for years and years to come.
Vanessa Muldrow
Commencement | Office University of Memphis
Other schools have reached out asking about our experience with MarchingOrder and I confidently recommend your services.
Heather Moss
University Events | George Mason University

New Formats for Safe In-Person Events

We have modified the steps for ceremony execution to remove
all touchpoints between graduates and staff.

Allow graduates to cross the stage, socially distanced

Use GradPass and ProNounce (pre-recorded names) to remove physical touchpoints, creating a safe ceremony for your graduates, faculty and staff.

Celebrate from the Seats

Scan at arrival using Graduate Check-in to display a slideshow that includes only graduates that are in attendance, or use the Slideshow feature to display full screen slides for ALL grads assigned to the ceremony.

Drive-Thru Ceremonies & Multi-Day Stage Crossing Events

GradPass can be used as a per vehicle entrance ticket, as well as the graduate’s stage card. If grads will be crossing the stage, you will scan the GradPass when it is their turn to cross.

Ready to Learn More?

Your MarchingOrder Ceremony Package can be completely tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us, and we’ll put together a plan that’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

We are committed to the protection of student data, and our customers can trust that when working with us all student information is in safe hands.  We maintain FERPA compliance and never share student information with outside parties.  More information on our privacy policy can be found here.

Can I export a slideshow as a video? 

Clients are delivered a copy of all the graduate slides packaged inside the MarchingOrder Director Software. The software features a new "Generate Slideshow Video" button that allows clients to export an MP4 file of the slideshow that can be used as one of your featured videos on the virtual ceremony page or edited into your video to simulate the name calling portion of a graduation ceremony.  

Who creates the video Content for Virtual Ceremonies?

MarchingOrder provides clients with a structure for the virtual ceremony webpage. MarchingOrder will produce the graduate slides and name recordings, and the MarchingOrder software is able to export the slideshow as a MP4 video. Clients will need to make arrangements to film and produce any additional video content and then upload them to Vimeo or YouTube, which will then be embedded on your virtual ceremony page. The MarchingOrder Virtual Ceremony Website will support up to 5 embedded videos. If you have multiple virtual ceremony websites, you can use different videos for each ceremony. Your portal will provide you space to embed 5 video links, and to set a title and description for each video. Simply upload your finalized videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Once uploaded, you should gather your video links. If you embed a live stream, this content will go live at the time you designate. If you embed pre-recorded videos, the viewer will press play to start the show.

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