MarchingOrder has developed an easy-to-implement virtual ceremony options that will continue to provide graduates the individual and personalized recognition they deserve.  Our goal is to make the process streamlined and minimize any additional work required from ceremony coordinators.

Virtual Ceremonies are the best alternative to a live event.  Even if you are planning to have a in-person ceremony ceremony at a later date, many schools wish to provide their graduates with a chance to celebrate on their planned ceremony day.  A virtual ceremony will:

  • Allow for speeches to be displayed to the graduates and their families
  • Recognize the individual achievements of each graduate and provide personal recognition
  • Create a platform where graduates can enjoy a communal moment through watching the webcast and/or engaging via social media

Individual Recognition Options

Most schools elect to do both of these options so students can hear their name announced as the slide is viewed.

This content can be hosted by MarchingOrder, or compiled and sent over to be hosted on your own Ceremony webpage.  Some schools choose to have the webcast on their ceremony page, but will link to the MarchingOrder site for the students to view and download their slide.

If you do have a ceremony at a later date, the content from your Virtual Ceremony can be repurposed so you won’t have to start from scratch.

Sample Site and More Information

View a working sample of the MarchingOrder-hosted Virtual Ceremony page at:

Along with providing individual slides and audio that students can search for and play, some schools wish to include an announcement of each graduate in their webcast.  This can be done automatically using the MarchingOrder software.  A sample of how this looks is available here.

We have recently hosted a total of five webinars to address most concerns regarding the new service.  To watch the full recording of these webinars, click here.

The slides used during the presentation can be downloaded here.

Timeline and Cost

Specific cost and timeline will be determined by the content you choose for each graduate.  Please contact us (information below) for a custom price quote.


We have received a lot of questions from interested schools, most of which are answered in this FAQ document: MarchingOrder Virtual Ceremony FAQ’s

Next Steps

If you are interested in MarchingOrder Virtual Ceremony, please send an email to with the following information:

  • School Name
  • Virtual Ceremony Date
  • # of Ceremonies
  • # of graduates
  • Indicate what Virtual Ceremony Option you are interested in:
    • Standardized Graduate Slide, No Audio (Doesn’t include a data collection website)
    • Customized Graduate Slide, No Audio (Includes a website to collect photos and messages)
    • Standardized Graduate Slide, Pre-Recorded Audio (Doesn’t include a data collection website)
    • Customized Graduate Slide, Pre-Recorded Audio (Includes a website to collect pronunciation, photos, and messages)

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you the best of luck in these uncertain times.