MarchingOrder DISPLAY

Also known as “the WOW factor”, MO Display enables you to show information related to each graduate on the big screen as they cross the stage. It will impress the administration, entertain the audience, and give your graduates the recognition they deserve.

Build excitement with marchingorder Name Display. Highlight that special moment in time when the individual is recognized for all their hard earned achievements by personalizing the on-stage moment for each graduate. It is designed to be versatile, easy-to-use, and cost-effective.  

marchingorder creates a card for each graduate; it has the student’s information and a barcode. As graduates approach the stage that card is scanned, which adds the student’s name to a queue in the marchingorder software. A staff member backstage controls exactly when the name goes on screen.

What is Displayed?
The on-screen graphic is 100% customizable for both style and content:

  • Lower Third Graphic: contains 1-3 lines of text. It is combined with a live video shot of the graduate on-stage. It often includes the school logo and basic information about the graduate (name, hometown, degree, honors, etc).
  • Full Screen Slide: fills the entire screen; it often includes longer text (thesis title, personal quote, etc) and/or photos.
  • Video/Audio: play name recordings (see “ProNounce”) or videos as the students cross the stage.

Will it Work at My Ceremony?

1. Name Display - Sample Full Screen Slide
Sample Full Screen Slide
1. Name Display - Sample Lower 3rd Graphic
Sample Lower 3rd Graphic
1. Name Display - MO Name Queue
MO Name Queue

MarchingOrder ASSISTANT

A fully customizable website, MO Assistant streamlines pre-ceremony contact with your graduates. Collect RSVPs, guest information, phonetic pronunciations, permanent contact information and more. Manage that data from an administrative interface designed for graduation.

marchingorder Assistant is a 100% customizable website. It is designed to help coordinators plan and execute graduation events. The interface is branded with your institution’s logo and official colors. Graduates use the website to provide and receive information related to graduation. MO Assistant provides a centralized database to manage graduate information with ease.

marchingorder Assistant integrates with other MarchingOrder products to help coordinators manage at the highest efficiency. The website is set up to accurately collect and report on RSVPs, special needs and phonetic pronunciation, alumni information and more. Powerful administration reporting tools are built into the program that enable you to utilize the data collected, providing you with real-time statistics, granular data and seamless communication with graduates.

2. MO Assistant - Graduate RSVP Page
Graduate RSVP Page
2. MO Assistant - Administrator Homepage
Administrator Homepage
2. MO Assistant - Statistics Page
Statistics Page
2. MO Assistant - Mass Email Tool
Mass Email Tool


Stumbling with tough names on-stage is a thing of the past. ProNounce plays an audio recording of the graduates’ names as they cross the stage. Pick from our menu of voiceover professionals or provide your own!

Get the name right, every time. ProNounce ensures that every graduate’s name is pronounced correctly, all while maintaining an uninterrupted flow across the stage. Each graduate’s name is pre-recorded and played as he/she crosses the stage.

marchingorder provides a menu of voiceover professionals, or provide your own announcer. Use ProNounce at your next ceremony to avoid the heartbreak and embarrassment of mispronouncing graduate names live; each graduate’s name is studied prior to being recorded, resulting in a final product that is clear, confident, consistent and professional. ProNounce will speed up your ceremony with a consistent on-stage flow.


Say It Right

The best pronunciation comes directly from the source. Say It Right lets graduates record their names via telephone; it gives your name readers tools to review those recordings and create notes for your graduate cards.

Let graduates tell you how to say their name. The most accurate phonetic details are collected directly from the graduate using marchingorder’s Say-It-Right product. Say-It-Right works in conjunction with marchingorder Assistant. Graduates input a phone number and receive an automated phone call which prompts them to record their name with detailed instructions.

Voice recordings provide the most reliable source of phonetic pronunciation – graduate-provided notes are often difficult to interpret, and automated services cannot predict pronunciation for ambiguous names (e.g. “Anna”). Administrators can sort recordings by difficulty rating, request recordings for difficult or ambiguous names, and input phonetic notes. Name announcers can listen to each name with one click; they can also take notes to be printed on a graduate card or list.

Pronunciation Manager
Pronunciation Manager
4. Say It Right - Graduate Recording Window
Graduate Recording Window


Manage venue capacity with a hands-off approach. With MO E-Tickets, graduates can reserve tickets, request additional tickets and distribute them to family and friends as needed; scan on-site with any Android and Apple device.

Skip the box office! Graduates use marchingorder Assistant to reserve, print and email guest tickets. Administrators can easily adjust ticketing allotments as necessary at any point prior to the ceremony, ensuring that you hit your target guest total. The product allows for the administrator to automate the distribution of additional tickets on a first-come first-serve basis. Delivery of additional tickets for special circumstances is simple and easy to do, even within hours of a ceremony.

App-based scanning requires no additional hardware on-site – use any mobile or tablet device with a camera and internet connection. On the day of the ceremony, guest tickets can be scanned on-site with any Apple or Android Device using the marchingorder Ticket Scan app. Guests can bring tickets in paper or electronic form.

5. Ticketing - Print or Email Ticket Interface
Print or Email Ticket Interface
5. Ticketing - Printed Guest Ticket
Printed Guest Ticket
5. Ticketing - Ticket Scan App
Ticket Scan App

Pre-Ceremony Slideshow

Engage the audience before the ceremony, and give the graduates a chance to say a well-deserved thank you – and it integrates seamlessly with MO Assistant and MO Display.

Entertain the audience before or after the ceremony. Graduates are able to deliver a special message to their loved ones using the marchingorder website to upload a personal message and photograph. Administrators review and approve all submitted images and copy.

The on-screen graphic is 100% customizable for both style and content.​ Approved messages and images are built into attractive full-screen slides utilizing your institution’s approved logo and colored graphics. marchingorder’s Slideshow engages the audience and gives the graduates a chance to recognize those that supported them along their journey to graduation.

6. Pre-Ceremony Slideshow - Graduate Slide Sample (Message)
Graduate Slide Sample (Message)
6. Pre-Ceremony Slideshow - Graduate Slide Sample (Photo + Message)
Graduate Slide Sample (Photo + Message)
6. Pre-Ceremony Slideshow - Graduate Slide Sample (Photo)
Graduate Slide Sample (Photo)

Graduate Check-In

Stay on-target at the big event by tracking your graduates as they arrive. Count the students by grouping (e.g. doctoral students) and get information you need, such as honors status, as they check-in.

Track graduate attendance in real-time with Grad Check-In. Scan graduates’ cards into the marchingorder software as they arrive. Coordinators view live counts of total graduates separated by customizable groups (e.g. Doctoral) and return information related to each graduate as they are scanned in (e.g. honors or veteran status). Grad Check-In is efficient and accurate, and will help facilitate last minute seating or lineup adjustments.

7. Graduate Check-In - Graduate Check-In Window
Graduate Check-In Window

Staff Check-In

Keep your staff organized, track staff hours, and generate administrative reports after the event.

Track staff hours with ease. Staff members receive a barcoded name badge upon arrival, created by marchingorder. Badges are scanned in and out of marchingorder’s TimeClock via a web interface.

Staff Check-In provides coordinators an effortless way to calculate the time worked for every staff member on a non-standard workday. It is designed with clean administrative interface and requires minimal hardware (requires 1 laptop, 1 barcode scanner and an internet connection). The program provides an option to affiliate each employee with a manager, department and/or team as needed for internal accounting.

Administrators can easily make adjustments to hours worked before finalizing the post-ceremony staff report .

8. Staff Check-In - Staff Scanning Interface
Staff Scanning Interface
8. Staff Check-In - Staff Summary Report
Staff Summary Report