Read our frequently asked questions for quick answers.

General FAQs

1. Virtual - Live - Hybrid Ceremony Information

Please visit this page for more information for flexible solutions to create a customized ceremony for your school with virtual – live – hybrid options.

Specific FAQs for Ceremonies can be found Here.

2. Do you work on-site?

marchingorder provides all clients with access to extensive training materials. Every client receives a hard copy of our detailed and easy to understand training guide, as well as links to short and effective training videos.   Additionally, our Sales and Client Relations representatives will provide one-on-one or group trainings via video conference.  All of this ensures that the individuals operating the software and barcode scanner(s) are experts prior to the ceremony.

3. How much does MarchingOrder cost?

marchingorder Display ranges in price from $897 to $1995 per ceremony.  It varies based on the number of ceremonies and total number of graduates. Unit prices are reduced further if multiple prices from our product suite are purchased.  For an accurate same-day sales quote, please contact

4. Privacy Policy

We are committed to the protection of student data, and our customers can trust that when working with us all student information is in safe hands.  We maintain FERPA compliance and never share student information with outside parties.  More information on our privacy policy can be found here.

5. Cancellation Policy

We hope nobody is in a position where it’s necessary to cancel or postpone their event, but we understand that in times of uncertainty sometimes tough decisions need to be made.  Our sincere hope is to be able to work with our clients for any rescheduled events to ensure MarchingOrder services can be provided uninterrupted, and at no additional cost, for any postponed events.  For any outright cancellations, our cancellation policy can be found here.

Graduate Name Display

1. Will it Work at My Ceremony?

Our software is used at hundreds of very different ceremonies each year. Ceremonies using MARCHINGORDER range in size from 25 to 4000 graduates. Some have one line of graduates crossing the stage; others have two or four. Some are inside and others are outside, in large venues and small venues.

We have crafted a variety of options and processes that cater to these requirements. We work directly with A/V teams to coordinate technical details, and provide around-the-clock support to make sure our clients are successful.

2. How do you make our graduate cards?

The MO Team works with our clients to design the format and content for a card that will best fit the needs of the ceremony – if you already have a card format in place, we can easily mimic that format.  Graduate cards are typically printed on a quarter-page layout (5.5” wide x 4.25” tall).  In cases where more space is needed, cards can be printed on a half-page layout (8.5” wide x 5.5.” tall); this is most common in cases where a thesis or other large block of text will be read on stage. marchingorder recommends providing the data list needed to print the graduate cards at least 10 days prior to the date you wish to receive your cards as it leaves plenty of time for adjustments.  Prior to printing, you have the option of reviewing a card proof; approval of the card proof is required within 48 hours of receipt (including weekends and holidays).

3. What if I have a two-line ceremony?

marchingorder Display works with single, dual, or multi-line ceremonies.  We will work with you to determine the additional hardware needed, but in most cases it is only extra barcode scanners and USB cables.

4. Who designs the background for our slide?

The MO Team works with our clients to design the layout for the slide background.  If you have a design team within your institution that wishes to create the background, our representatives will provide you with the graphic requirements.  Alternatively, we can collect your official institutional logo and school colors to custom design a slide at no additional cost.

NOTE: this applies to our traditional Name Display product for live events. Name display templates for Virtual Ceremonies will be standardized, and will include your school’s logo and colors, if provided.

5. How is the information projected on screen?

A laptop runs the marchingorder software; that laptop feed is sent to the team providing audio and video for the ceremony.  We work directly with technical contacts to ensure that they are equipped for success.

6. Do we need a bunch of gear?

No – marchingorder will provide a barcode scanner(s) and long USB cable(s) at cost.  Those items and a school-provided laptop are all that is needed.

Fully Functional MarchingOrder Setup

7. What if a graduate did not register, or if they lose/destroy their card?

marchingorder provides clients with blank cards for students that did not register; late students can be added to the software so that their name shows on screen.  If a graduate loses their card, you can give them a blank and update their barcode in the software.  We also recommend keeping a small stack of blank cards near the stage in case a student leaves their card on their chair – when scanned, it will clear out the previous graduate’s name.

8. Does the software do anything else?

Yes – the same software is used for graduate check-in and ceremony slideshows.  You can also retrieve a log of the students that crossed the stage after the ceremony (with a timestamp).  This can be matched to other school-provided data to provide statistical insight on your event.